I brought three large boxes down from the attic and placed them on the living room floor. Megan watched solemnly as the boys and I filled one of the boxes with canned goods and other non-perishable food, soap and other toiletries. While I sorted through our clothes, I encouraged the boys to go through their toys and donate some of  their less favourite things. Megan watched quitely as the boys piled up discarded toys and games.

” I’ll help you find something for the litle girl when I am done with this”, I said.

The boys placed the toys they had chosen to donate into one of the boxes while I filled the third box with clothes. Megan walked up to me with Lucy, her worn, faded, frazzled, much- loved rag doll hugged tightly to her chest. She paused in front of the box that held the toys, pressed her little round face onto Lucy’s flat painted-on face, gave her a final kiss, then laid her gently on top of the other toys.

” Oh, Honey,” I said gently, “You do not have to give away Lucy. You love her so much.”

” No, Lucy makes me happy. I hope that Lucy will make other girls happy too. “

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