P1070368WjpgHi, My name is Tin Myatnoe Hmun, But I mainly go by Tatiana or Noenoe.

I am 22 years old. I’m an only child but I have a puppy name, Bentley, who keeps me busy to not feel so lonely.

I came to USA at age 10 and lived in New York City, Pennsylvania and then finally decided to settle down in the beautiful state of California. I am able to still read and speak in burmese, although I’m a bit slower than a native burmese speaker.

I went back to Myanmar the first time in 2012 and since then I’ve been craving more and more Burmese food! I’m currently finishing up my last semester at Fullerton College  to transfer into a BSN program (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). I’ve been working as a nurse assistant in senior livings for about 6 years now while going to school. It was pretty hard to work full time, and finish up school, but I have very supportive parents, and family that made me keep going anytime I wanted to give up. I’ve learned through out this journey, that you’re never too old to finish school and it’s never too late. It may seem like everyone’s graduating and moving on around you but always remember that they don’t have the same life, and struggles as you.

I envy people who are already graduated at my age but I use that as my motivation to keep going and make myself and family proud. Never lose track of your goals in life. It took me awhile to get to where I am but I see each semester in school as one step closer to my goal. Every little step counts.

I love to work with the elderly population because  I grew up with my grandparents in Myanmar and they were basically my second parents to me.  When I came to America, it broke my heart to be so far from them, but then I found the field I’m working in and got to treat all my patients as my own grandparents. Working with dementia and Alzheimer’s patient is such a rewarding job for me because the bonds and love created between my patients and I can never be replaced by anything in this world. They become closer to you then your family (if you’re spending 40 hrs or more a week with them). It has always been my happiness to find happiness in making someone else’s day better than what it could’ve been. My goal in life is to travel as much I can, live my life everyday as if it were my last and one day be able to provide free medical aides in the villages of Myanmar and other 3rd world countries.

I want to be able to set up medical clinics or camps in villages and treat people who are unable to afford medical help.


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