Ni Ni Win မသိေသးတဲ့ျပည္သူေတြကိုနားလည္ေအာင္သိေအာင္ဆက္လက္ေဆာင္ရြက္ေစခ်င္ပါသည္


“Protest” Cartoons

In Facebook’s “Myitsone” dam, comments section, some “dissenters” put up overly many, (6 to 11 insertions), each time, with only the exact same image (see below). It seemed they wanted to inflate their “protest” votes.

၊ကန္႕ကြက္မဲမွာေဖာင္းပြေအာင္၊ပုံတစ္ပံုႏွစ္ပံုစီတင္မဲ့ အစား

One dissenter even inserted 56 exact same cartoon in one sitting.

“Protest” Cartoons

While another one inserted > 50 comments, all with just the same iPhone image, but spread out once or twice daily, for days. Same purpose: To exaggerate the # of  anti Myitsone dam “protestors”  

“LIKES” Cartoons

Pro Myitsone Dam Construction “Likes” (Votes”) Cartoons

Pro Myitsone Dam Construction “Likes” (Votes) Cartoons

Pro Myitsone Dam Construction “Likes” (Votes) Cartoons

In a Separate Facebook Web Page opposing Myitsone Dam construction, Prof U Tun Lwin’ s obtained 208,872 “likes” or votes. Not bad! (See below)


However, they are still far below our separate Pro Myitsone dam construction Facebook page’s “Likes” or votes, (see continuation).

"PRO MYITSONE" LIKES (votes) ARE 469,092  ON 10/25/2018 6 PM PST. THEY ARE STILL GROWING. 
(These likes//votes are about 2.25 times those of Prof U Tun Lwin's "Likes" or Votes. 

An ENLIGHTENED Myanmar people has RISEN up and has SPOKEN!!!

NOTE: Not to be outdone, Pro Myitsone Construction’s “Likes” or votes compiled are now 469,092 (above) and growing by leaps and bounds.

Meaning: Enlightened Myanmar people  have spoken (or voted) !!! The above 469092 “Likes” or votes are currently a whopping 2.25 times those of U Tun Lwin’s  208,872 “Likes” or votes.

Isn’t it true that 209,000 “Likes” can be more than enough to beat Prof U Tun Lwin’s “likes” or votes, in a democratic contest for votes? Should you go with the side with the less # of “Likes” or votes in a democracy?

Question: Should democracy be based on people’s previous wants – especially when they were “groggy” with misinformation and hearsay, before?


Should democracy be based on an enlightened people’s current wants – considering new pertinent facts and research, available worldwide?

Which approach will better serve Myanmar’s long term national interests?

This Facebook Myitsone dam article on Truths and Myths can be considered a popular bestseller, surpassing 13 million hits (or people reached). (13,002,664 below) and growing apace.

Page followers # is > 53 k (53,723).

What can we conclude from the above Facebook “survey” results?

People reached > 13 millions

# of Likes 469,062

# of Comments  16753

> 13 mil means that statistically, it is a fairly large survey sample for the # of people reached. In a sense, it’s carried out unbiasedly by Facebook,  for > two years and 4 months and still ongoing. 

As previously noted, not all comments and cartoons are anti Myitsone construction.  Even then, for simplicity sake, let’s assume that all 16753 comments are anti Myitsone construction.

When you divide pro Myitsone construction “Likes” 469,062 by say anti Myitsone? 16,753, we obtain 27.9987 (about 28.00). This shows that for every dissenter, there are 28 pro Myitsone construction people voting against him or her.

၊ၾကိဳက္၄၆၉၀၉၂ ၊မဲဆႏၵရထားေတာ့၊ေထာက္ခံမဲက၂၈ဆေလာက္နဲ႕

Put it in another way, 96.6 % vs 3.4 %. A landslide vote for the Myitsone Dam construction to continue. 

If we consider the commenters who are for Myitsone Continuation and the inflated protests by anti dam commenters (unlike the blanket assumption), you can imagine an even larger landslide victory. 

BTW, Prof U Tun Lwin, Golden Pen Awardee Dr Than Htut Aung, U Win Myo Thu, …assertions, were all factually disproven as incorrect.



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