How about setting aside some donations for the VERY DESERVING Burmese Migrants at the Thai Burmese borders, especially those working in the trash dumps?

The monks in the videos are really NOBLE. You can compare their deeds and speeches with other monks.

Some monks always advertise themselves. You can see them including themselves in the videos and pictures. They claim that they are far nobler than lay people. Some monks always ask for money, money, money allegedly for their monasteries and special projects. They don’t go out to the poor, the sick, and the needy. They thought of traveling the world. You would think that they are spreading Buddhism or bringing the Dhamma to the Caucasians. Not so!

Examples: We see some Christian missionary monks or nuns beat them to it. I believe that’s how most Karens, Kachins, and Chins converted to Christianity.


Have some pity and earn a lot of merits/kuthos to help our poor children and poor people.

Maybe, donate to a FUND at Mandalay Gazette or Southern California Burmese Association or Burmese American Medical Association.

They know what to do. They will find out the right contacts.

YouTube – The Scavengers (Burmese at the rubbish dump)

Help these restless people to find a rest - and lets hope for a better future for them. Thanks so much to HH Ashin Sopaka, a brilliant light in their darkness.

I’m in awe and  don’t know what to say. I just wish the lives of all of the poor people out there to be free from hunger and sadness.

The stupidity & madness of burmese dictatorial regime is responsible for the miserable live of fellow citizens in neihbouring countries, especially this one in Thailand!

If above links don’t work use following links (same videos)

YouTube – The Scavengers

YouTube – The Scavengers (Burmese migrants at the rubbish dump)

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