Burmese celebrate Buddha Day.wmv

YouTube – Burmeses celebrate Buddha Day.wmv


YouTube – 【Myanmar】Tzu Chi’s Project Hope In The Land Of Dharma


Tzu Chi volunteers first stepped foot on Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis dropped catastrophic destruction on its land and people. With many of Myanmar’s schools destroyed, Tzu Chi launched Project Hope to rebuild three schools, serving 7,000 students. The Thingangyun 4th Middle School was completed in March, and was officially turned over to the Burmese government in May. 

Meanwhile, the Mayangone No.1 and Ahlone 4th High Schools are still under construction. Recently, when Tzu Chi volunteers returned for their 3rd visit, the students of Mayangone No.1 High School greeted them with great enthusiasm. 


YouTube – [ Culture ] 45th anniversary sutra reading


Tzu Chi Foundation celebrates its birthday on March 24th of the Lunar Calendar every year, which fell on Tuesday this week. To celebrate the Buddhist NGO’s 45th anniversary, volunteers in five continents and 18 countries around the world joined a live reading of the Medicine Buddha Sutra via video conference. 

Chanting the words of the scripture helped remind the participants of Tzu Chi’s humble origins, as they said a prayer for world peace. Myanmar had trouble connecting to the main event in Taiwan, but quick thinking volunteers stayed in touch via a link through Malaysia. 

Tzu Chi Malaysia

YouTube – [ Culture ] Educational mission in Myanmar.wmv


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The Jing Si Books and Cafe in Penang, Malaysia, organized two nights of music and entertainment, to raise awareness of Tzu Chi’s education mission in Myanmar. Many of the audience members were inspired to make donations to help the cause.
Tzu Chi Malaysia


YouTube – [ Myanmar ] A different summer break


Moving to Myanmar, to give the children a different and meaningful school holiday, local volunteers took Tzu Chi scholarships recipients in Mayangone, on home visitations, which helped youngsters see their own blessings. 

Tzu Chi Malaysia

YouTube – 【Culture】Charity Concert For Myanmar


Since Typhoon Nargis struck Myanmar in 2008, Tzu Chi volunteers have been there, serving the Burmese people, focusing in particular on the issue of children’s education. That’s why Malaysian volunteers recently held a fundraising concert, inviting famous local singer and Tzu Chi volunteer Chen Suxuan to draw in the crowds..tzuchimalaysia

YouTube – 【Myanmar】10 dialysis machines from Malaysia


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Staying on the theme of saving lives, the Tzu Chi Dialysis Center in Kedah, Malaysia recently donated ten dialysis machines to a government-owned free clinic in Myanmar, and even sent technicians over to give the clinic staff a lesson on how to operate the new equipment..tzuchimalaysia

YouTube – 【Medicine】Dialysis Training For Burmese Nurses


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Access to dialysis treatment is very limited in Myanmar. But now there is hope for kidney patients, as Yangon City Council is building a charity dialysis center in the local General Hospital. The project was inspired by Tzu Chi’s free facilities in Malaysia; and recently four nurses from Myanmar went to the dialysis centers in Penang and Kedah to receive training from Tzu Chi..tzuchimalaysia

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