Rebecca Zahau aka Rebecca Nalepa from Burma was found hanging nude in an ocean front mansion in Coronado, California. She was said to be a Chin ethnic.

News below:

Burma Expatriates inter marry or mingle with Caucasians and others. Some do well. Some do not.

This one seems to be a sad one. We have to learn from other people’s experiences.

Spreckels Mansion Case: Rebecca Zahau Buried As Police Search For Answers At Jonah Shacknai’s Home


Woman’s hanging investigated in Coronado, Calif.

By William M. Welch, USA TODAY

Updated 7/27/2011 1:55 PM

LOS ANGELES — Rebecca Zahau, the Burmese woman whose body was found hanging nude at a historic oceanfront mansion, has been laid to rest by her family and millionaire boyfriend as the mystery over her death remains unresolved.

Investigators with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, who are probing the suspicious death in Coronado this month, await toxicology results from Zahau’s autopsy. Sgt. Roy Frank of the department’s homicide unit said, “We’re still weeks out” from concluding whether Zahau committed suicide or was murdered.

He said they are also looking into any connection to the death of her boyfriend’s 6-year-old son after an accident in the same home two days earlier.

“I’ve really got an open mind,” Frank said of Zahau’s death. “It’s either going to be suicide or homicide.”

Zahau’s sister, Mary Zahau-Loehner, 33, said Monday she doesn’t believe her sister killed herself.

“I still believe my sister didn’t take her life,” Zahau-Loehner said in an interview.

She issued a written statement on behalf of the Zahau family saying, “Rebecca valued her life and lived her life to its fullest. Rebecca loved God, her family and life.”

Zahau-Loenher said she and other members of her family are grief-stricken and don’t know what to think about how Zahau died.


Zahau, 32, who came to the USA a little over a decade ago, was buried Saturday by her family in Saint Joseph, Mo., where her parents and other family members live.

Jonah Shacknai, 54, founder and CEO of Medicis Pharmaceutical, the Scottsdale, Ariz., maker of the wrinkle-filling, injectible gel Restylane and other cosmetic drugs, attended the graveside service for his late girlfriend and was welcomed by her family, Zahau-Loehner said.

Zahau and Shacknai lived in Arizona and spent part of the year in the 12-bedroom Coronado mansion, originally built in 1908. He paid $12.75 million for the home four years ago.

Frank said police responding to a call early July 13 found Zahau’s body on the ground in a courtyard of the mansion. He said Shacknai’s brother Adam, 47, reported he found her hanging by a noose from a balcony and cut her down in an attempt to revive her. Her feet were bound and her hands were bound behind her back, Frank said.

The death came two days after Shacknai’s 6-year-old son, Max, suffered a fall on the main staircase of the mansion while he was in the home with Zahau. Max was declared dead July 17 and his organs donated to three other children.

Frank said investigators are probing “victimology,” or the actions and state of mind of Zahau before her death, and whether her death may have been related to the child’s fall.

“Any time there’s a death such as this we’re always going to look at victimology,” Frank said. “What was going on in her life? … Max’s incident is something we would look into as well.

“To say it’s associated … that’s still up to the investigation,” Frank said

Rebecca’s relatives are soliciting for donations in her memory to help orphans back in Burma. I have read that her relatives are burying her in Burma.

Zahau’s family has set up a charity fund in her memory for the benefit of orphans in her native country, at

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Adam Shacknai, the younger brother of pharmaceuticals tycoon Jonah Shacknai, flew to be by his brother’s side following a terrible accident that led to the death of Jonah’s 6-year-old son, Max.

Adam had hoped to provide comfort for his distraught brother, has learned, but instead he discovered yet more tragedy, when just days later, he discovered the dead body of Jonah’s girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, 32, at Jonah’s mansion in Coronado, California, a wealthy suburb of San Diego.

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As previously reported, Rebecca was found naked, hanging from an outdoor balcony with her feet and ankles bound. Police have called the circumstances of her death “very suspicious,” but so far have not ruled if it was suicide or homicide.

Media reports circulated that Adam had been living at his brother’s posh estate, but has learned that he actually had arrived just days before Rebecca’s death.

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“Adam arrived after Max’s accident,” a source close to the situation tells us. “Adam was there to provide comfort to his brother, Jonah. Adam came as soon as he could to be with his brother.

“Max was hospitalized on July 11, and taken off life support on July 17.”

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Rebecca had been watching Jonah’s son on the day the little boy fell down a flight of stairs and sustained fatal brain damage, and the only other person in the house at that time was Rebecca’s thirteen year old sister.

Just two days after Max’s horrific fall, Rebecca’s lifeless body was discovered by Adam at around 6:30 am.

Adam called 911, but when medics arrived, there was no sign of life, and Rebecca was pronounced dead on the scene.

Sources close to the investigation tell that Jonah was at his son’s hospital bedside when Rebecca’s body was discovered.

Rebecca’s time of death hasn’t been established yet.

Reports have also circulated that there was a party at the Shacknai compound the day after Max’s accident, but our sources emphatically deny that.

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“There was absolutely no party whatsoever, period. A neighbor might have heard loud music, but that was the extent of it. No party,” the insider reveals.

Meanwhile, Jonah has been interviewed “extensively and exhaustively by law enforcement, about Max’s death, and Rebecca’s. Jonah has been extremely cooperative with authorities,” the source says. Adam was also interviewed by cops about Rebecca’s death.


Coronado Mansion Mystery: 15 Detectives, Zahau’s Personal Trainer, Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife – ABC News

From a wise comment. It seems to be not our nature, at least from an oriental point of view, to commit suicide hanging NAKED, with hands and legs tied behind our backs, and to do that in front of a mansion. What do you think? Let us hear from you.

Personally, I think she didn’t commit suicide. Someone or some persons killed her. Out of spite, they hung her nude body to shame her, even in death. That’s sounded like a revenge killing or to punish the victim, for everybody to see.

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