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Rebecca is a compatriot from Burma.

She died in tragic circumstances.



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Obvious Millionaire Mansion Murder Ruled Suicide, Case Closed – YouTube

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September 02, 2011 – Zahau family lawyer Anne Bremmer on investigator’s decision to close bizzare case.


NEW: Coronado death now ruled suicide – YouTube

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The mansion death investigation with Arizona ties has been the subject of speculation during much of the summer.


I don’t believe she committed Suicide – YouTube

no way ….something stinks here…..


Mysterious mansion death ruled a suicide – YouTube


Rebecca Zahau’s sister Mary tells Dr. Drew that her sister could not have tied the intricate knots police say she tied.


Dr. Drew reacts to knotting expert – YouTube

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Lyndsey Philpott, a forensic knotting expert, talks about the Rebecca Zahau case and demonstrates the binding of hands.

Please don’t forget to donate to Rebecca Zahau Fund to find out the truth and to seek justice for a fellow Burma Expatriate.

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