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Friends’ discussion continues.

Say it to the monk or trustees

Friend: What do you want to say to the monk or trustees?

Friend: Essence: Don’t mess with the temple’s current CUP (conditional use permit)! Be content with what we have achieved.

Don’t let the monk turn Azusa Temple into a theme park.

Don’t try to imitate Bodh Gaya. “Tan ya Tan ya loke bhar.” Know your level or situation. Don’t rock the boat!

Friend: Bodh Gaya can take in thousands of visitors. Azusa cannot. Trying for more visitors with “Azusa – Bodh Gaya” or a “Wish fulfilling” Banyan Tree is a tragic mistake.

Nothing to do with promoting culture and being proud of it. It’s just another smokescreen for more donations!

Friend: Azusa permit level is 130. Don’t forget that. Frame it to the wall! Preferably, the wall of the meeting Hall. Going more and more overboard, and more often, dramatically raise the risks of CUP revocation, sooner or later.

Friend: Luckily the Dhamma Hall usage level is said to be a little bit more, but not much. You are required to put up this Fire Department permit, indicating maximum persons allowed, on its wall for all to see.

Friend: Negligence means monks and trustees, jointly and severally, and the Temple itself have legal liability and are all open to crippling litigation.

Friend: There are extremists in every religion, like the Taliban and the mad Ayatollahs. The moderates should speak up and control the extreme elements.

Friend: Making more projects or statues might well be a way to obtain more funds or Nawa Kama diversions. Notice the lack of accountability or reports.

However, there are strict legal limits. Don’t overdo it. Don’t lose the CUP permit. Don’t let those reckless people do it.

Friend: Do the monk and his adviser(s) care about what will happen to the Temple? If it closes, they surely will go somewhere else.

How much will they pay for the irreparable damages they would have inflicted on the Temple by their reckless actions?

None! Nothing! Nada!

Get a Permit

Friend: Before doing anything like starting a construction project, get a permit first. Don’t just use a vague word that it’s for Construction funds.

Always, publish a money report on any project and show clearly where the money goes.

A shed permit is not a blank check. Generally, it won’t raise the overall Temple CUP attendance permit level.