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Say it to the Nibban Zay Stall Donors, Helpers, and Attendees

Friend: What would you like to tell Azusa Nibban Zay attendees, stall keepers and helpers?

130 attendees limit

Friend: Azusa Temple cannot become a cultural center or a heritage center like Bodh Gaya. Nor a theme park like Disneyland. It isn’t meant to be one.

What the monk envisions is a delusion and a fallacy. This fallacy, when unchecked, can terribly harm the Temple, even to the point of Temple’s closure. So read carefully and you be the judge!


Do you realize that there is such a thing as a Temple permit?

Never thought of that?

Azusa Temple permit has a low limit of only 130 attendees, at any one time.



The CUP (Conditional Use Permit) is subject to annual review!

It is revocable at any time!

Surprised again?

Did the monk tell you this?

Why didn’t he?



Naive Admission

Friend: Already, the monk brags about busloads of 180 visitors or more. He is even giving it a good positive spin. He says it’s promoting our culture, something to be proud of.


Never ending expansions

Friend: He purposely injects “culture” to confuse the situation. He is justifying his need for some “never ending” expansions with no report, whatsoever, forthcoming, on where the money will actually go.

Friend: “Never ending” Iraq and Afgani wars analogy comes to mind. Good only for the War Lobby. Fat defense contracts!

Friend: To me, the big Dhamma Hall, the spacious land, and nearby property are already more than enough in accommodation! Who could have asked for anything more?

Even the nat/spirits cannot fulfill a man’s (or a monk’s) enormous and endless needs!


Friend: The monk has already totally forgotten about the official City permit ceiling of 130 attendees. His brash admission, in writing, about busloads of visitors exceeding 130, at a time; is in itself, already damaging to the Temple.

Friend: Why do you say that?


Friend: Doing anything illegal or against public policy opens up, oneself and the temple, to a credibility attack. In litigation, this lack of credibility means that you have already lost your case. The jury or the judge won’t believe you anymore.

The monk’s brash but naive admission, about busloads of visitors going over the legal limit, fits this category.

Friend: One instance only?


Friend: Another time, the naive monk admitted in a flyer that he “doctored” sponsorship bank balances (to the US Consul) with help from “knowledgeable” accessories.

Friend: Moreover, he again sent out flyers asking for statue donations, when the donations were all already received in full.

Friend: How foolish and naive can a monk be! A pattern of reckless behavior. He and his adviser must have thought he is a living god and is well above US laws.

Gullible Laity

Friend: Lay people, too. How gullible can some be! “Never ending” projects are white elephants. They are not needed. These people are not discerning. They are too trusting.

Rather than being a boon, these superfluous projects can pose great dangers to the Temple’s operating permit.

Example: The guest shed will ensure that the allowed 130 persons permit level would be broken with impunity, again and again. Do you honestly want that?

Without first raising the permit level, would you honestly let somebody push the Temple off the cliff? Would you be comfortable with just getting your ku tho’s and not lift a finger?

Enough Funds, what happened to them?

Friend: The Temple allegedly has between $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 funds. That’s why the monk won’t publish the money reports nor the Nibban Zay reports. The monk never denies these alleged funds’ existence, even up to now.

Why support the current Nibban Zay when there allegedly are enough funds already?