ToneToneJune 14, 20107min930

The discussions continue. Friends were sending a message to Nibban Zay Stall keepers, helpers and attendees.

Alleged up to $ 15,000 funds diversion

Friend: There were alleged diversions of up to $ 15,000 for Nawa Kama personal moneys and extravagant first class round trip airfares.

These funds were allegedly diverted from an earlier Nibban Zay’s funds supposedly for “Construction purposes” (same old slogan as now)

These allegations have never been denied nor refuted even up to now.

Guest Shed

Friend: The monk and trustees already knew the proposed guest shed’s costs. Yet, they are being secretive about the costs.

Friend: The monk won’t publish the shed’s projected costs details. Without the details and the total, upfront, they can play around with the surplus funds or stretch the needs, later on.

Friend: This lack of transparency suggests possible future diversions to Nawa Kama and other extravaganza again.

Friend: This secrecy about the shed costs and the lack of past Nibban Zay Food Fair reports, paint a clear picture. Do they show a monk full of Sikkar and Samadhi? I don’t think so.


Friend: Burmese saying says, “Too much medicine is harmful or poisonous.”

Friend: Here, more Azusa Temple expansion doesn’t mean it’s beneficial! It’s harmful!

Friend: Yes, too much food causes stomach ache.

Friend: Why get entangled with the Law? A Temple, with a permit revoked, has to close down, sooner or later. Do you know that?

Friend: Give us a good example.

Shut down

Friend: Yes, a reliable source said a large Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Riverside county had to close down. Neighbors objected and the authorities closed it down. They allegedly exceeded their permit’s attendance level.

Friend: Why let the Temple become a theme park with huge crowds going over 130 attendees? As a consequence, Temple would lose its current operating permit and would have to shut down.

Do you want that?