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Tone Tone’s friends’ discussion:

“Most” Hallowed

Friend: I like to discuss U Ayethaka’s bold claim.

The monk claims not only Azusa Temple is hallowed, but also is the  “MOST” HALLOWED or SACRED ground in North America!

Notice the word “sohn.”  See “R myat sohn” in second line below: (click on the picture below. Then on menu, hit zoom + ,  to enlarge the words)

Friend: I see. How can he claim that?

Burmese Temples

What about all other Burmese Buddhist Temples spread out in North America?
Not just in L A area, but also those in New York, New Jersey, or the Bay Area. Are they less noble than Azusa Temple?

Non Burmese Buddhist Temples

Friend: Yes, What about other non Burmese Buddhist Temples in North America?

Like the Thai, Japanese, Korean,…Temples. I wonder.

Other Religious Temples

Friend: What about other North American churches of other denominations?

Would Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish churches, synagogues, and mosques…concede to his claim as the most sacred or noble?
Friend: Yes, Are they all on less hallowed or less sacred grounds?

North America?

Friend: What does he mean by North America? He means to say Azusa Temple is the most noble, beating out all other Temples, Burmese or otherwise, Buddhist or other denominations, in both USA and Canada.

Will he be comparing himself to the ancient American Indians and Eskimos also? What does he know about them?


Friend: Is Buddhism all about monks wildly claiming and insisting on their nobility over others?  Claiming higher spiritual attainments all the time?

I don’t think so. It’s a cardinal sin, a Parajika Vinaya offense.

Friend: “Bo Paw Bo” (being uppity or bossy )?  Keeping up with the Jones?  The Vinaya says you cannot degrade another monk. His wild boast is a Vinaya offense.

Wild Rants

Friend: Just shooting off his mouth to impress the gullible. Probably, they may fork out more Nawa Kama personal moneys for him.

Friend: Just forget his wild rants. Boastful and empty. Thingyan cannon!

Friend: “Koat ‘nga chin’ ko, kore ka, ma ‘chin’ naet” (In making sour preserved fish, don’t praise oneself by pronouncing unilaterally that it’s sour already). In other words, don’t blow your own trumpet!
Friend: Yes, I agree. Praise by others in the community is valued. Praising oneself is worthless!

Friend: For a lead monk who is supposed to be learned, it’s so shameful!

Friend: As a Buddhist, he should be careful not to utter a wrong word that may harm another person. He seems to have forgotten his Vinaya wee nee.
Friend: He should go and re-read the Vinaya monk rules.