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Friends’ discussion continues:
Examine Claim

Friend: U Ayethaka claims that Azusa Temple land is the most noble or hallowed land in North America.  How come he can claim a “holier than thou” status over other Temples?
Is it valid?
Does it sound logical or weird?

Friend: Yes, let’s examine his “nobility” claim. Buddha taught us to analyze first, before accepting anything, isn’t it?

He Expounds

Friend: He expounds:

1. Mizzima location (in India), with the Great Bodhi Banyan Tree, is the most sacred place.
2. It is the place where many Buddhas attained enlightenment.

His conclusion: That is why Bodh Gaya is considered hallowed or sacred.

Similar attributes?

His analogy: He then claims Azusa Temple has similar attributes. He says:

1. Azusa Temple has 7 statues (depicting Buddha scenes).
2. Azusa Temple also has a Banyan Tree.


His conclusion: Possessing these so called attributes, he argues therefore, Azusa Temple is hallowed (noble, sacred).

“Most” Concept

Friend: Moreover, he goes a step further. He injects the concept of “MOST” noble or sacred into it.

He proudly proclaims that just as Bodh Gaya (in India) is the most sacred place; so also, “Azusa – Bodh Gaya” is the most sacred in North America!

Friend: I see.

Working backwards from some so called skeleton attributes, he goes for the prize: the “highest nobility“ aka “higher spiritual attainment or enlightenment level.”

Short cuts to holiness or nobility

A Temple

Friend: Per his logic: In essence, a Temple sets up similar statues and grows a pedigree Banyan Tree. These will qualify this Temple to a “holier than thou status,” or even the most sacred status.

A Lay Person

Friend: Using his logic, a lay person can also easily attain a “noble” status. Even a bad person can be noble. How? Just do some similar statues and a pedigree Banyan tree.

No need for monks anymore

Friend: In fact, no need for monks like him. No need to become a monk, after all. No more need to study and practice Buddha’s teachings. The statues and the Banyan trees are the way to nobility.

Rich becomes Nobler

Friend: How nice! A rich person can become noble many times over. Just do statues and Banyan trees, multiple times. Even a non Buddhist can do that. Just buy some statues and Banyan tree pedigree seedlings.

Good Business

Friend: The statue sculptors and Banyan tree nurseries will love U Ayethaka for it. It’s good for their business. Booming businesses! Pretty soon, they will jack up their prices.

His Logic’s Fallacy – Enlightenment

Friend: Bodh Gaya’s is holy and sacred mainly because Buddha (and prior Buddhas) became enlightened there. Most will agree U Ayethaka hasn’t.

Without this enlightenment, his logic is just a fallacyA flop and a lie.

His other so called similarities are just secondary. Even the similarities relating to his statues and his Banyan Tree are really superficial at best. They cannot compare to Bodh Gaya’s.

Friend: On the other hand, he probably assumes that he is like Buddha. He probably wants to imply, ever so subtly or slyly, that he is already enlightened like Buddha.

Friend: Well, again, this implication will be a big lie. It’s also a Parajika Vinaya offense for a monk to imply that this is so (prior postings).


Friend: He should not waste time in these day dreams or mirages. He should think back to when he first entered monkhood. He should refresh himself with his religious vows. Then only, will it be beneficial to himself and others.