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Friends continue.

Friend: Tragedies with crowds can happen, sometimes. What plans do you have?

Friend: None? Too busy? or Don’t care? Don’t know?

Friend: Everyone’s a Saya’s Saya!

Friend: Just rely on monk’s “phone ta go”?

Friend: Don’t forget we are now in US.

Let’s learn from a recent US tragedy and its consequences.

Friend: Let’s pretend Azusa Temple is sued by someone for a small incident during a “chient chient thare.” Will it win the case and escape liability?

Friend: Going over the legal 130 persons permitted means Azusa Temple will lose its case. It supposedly has already committed an illegal act. It has gone against good public policy (for public safety).  It will lose credibility with the jury or the judge. They frown on law breakers or “khoe gyaung Khoe whyat.”

Friend: It has opened itself to a credibility attack by the opposing attorney.

Friend: The case loss will translate to…?

Friend: Millions of dollars in compensation! Witness the 150 millions settlement below:

Friend: Lesson: Beware of monks who want more and more “chient chient thare!”

Friend: With just one such litigation, what will happen?

Friend: It’s the end of the road for the Temple and the monks.

Friend: Sure?

Friend: Sure! Remember the L A Roman Catholic Church settled for $ 440 millions because of some bad priests. When the Church sold properties to pay up, INNOCENT nuns lost their residences and convents. A Church can’t go against a Court Order.

Friend: America is a Land of Laws. Monks are not above US laws. Just shouting “Sor Karr” won’t help.

Friend: Asking trustees to bend or break US laws for some monks won’t help, either.

YouTube – Foam Co. Reaches Settlement in RI Nightclub Fire

SelectPlusFoam Co. Reaches Settlement in RI Nightclub FireFoam Co. Reaches Settlement in RI Nightclub FireThe Associated PressA company that sold the foam blamed for fueling a Rhode Island nightclub fire that killed 100 people has agreed to pay $6.3 million to settle lawsuits from survivors and victims’ relatives, according to court papers filed Thursday.. (June 27)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE]

The company that sold the foam blamed for fueling a nightclub fire in Rhode Island has agreed to pay more than six million dollars to settle lawsuits from both survivors and victims’ relatives. The agreement by American Foam Corporation brings the total settlements connected to the fire to more than 150 million dollars.

It was February 2003, when this massive fire started at ‘The Station’ nightclub in Warwick Rhode Island during a performance by the band Great White. Pyrotechnics –set off by the band — set the foam on fire, and the flames quickly spread. 100 people died in the blaze — more than 200 were injured.

Club owners Jeffrey and Michael Derderian pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter charges. Michael Derderian will be free on parole next year from his four-year prison sentence. Jeffrey Derderian received a suspended sentence. They claim they never knew that the foam — which experts say burns like gasoline — was flammable.

This foam settlement is not final and no money has been paid to the victims. The offer requires the approval of all of the plaintiffs in the case — as well as the federal judge overseeing the case.

Friend: Note the 150 millions and the jail sentences.

YouTube – The Station Tragic Night Club Fire

WARNING: This video contains graphic footage of a tragic night-club fire. Viewer discretion is advised.

This tragedy was the result of many things including a lack of properly marked exits for the number of occupants, no fire sprinklers, flammable wall coverings, and a stupid pyrotechnic.

Settlement checks mailed to Station fire victims |

Checks mailed to Station fire victims

About 500 people to receive payments

Updated: Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010, 12:42 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010, 1:00 AM EDT

  1. Tim O’Coin

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – Settlement checks are finally in the mail for victims and families impacted by the Station nightclub fire.

Dave Kane, who lost his son in the 2003 fire, said Monday that he and other families expect to receive part of their settlement payments this week. The rest will be paid out over the summer. About 500 people will receive money from the $176 million settlement fund.

Eyewitness News has learned about a third of the settlement money will go to the victims’ lawyers.

Tentative Settlement Is Reached With TV Station in Fatal Nightclub Fire – New York Times

Roughly 300 survivors and victims’ relatives sued after the fire. Last year, lawyers reached settlements totaling $18.5 million with a handful of the defendants. Civil cases related to the fire are pending. The criminal case was resolved in 2006 through plea deals with the three men charged.

Daniel Biechele, the former tour manager for the band, Great White, pleaded guilty to igniting the pyrotechnics and is due to be paroled next month after serving less than half of his four-year prison sentence. Michael Derderian, the other club owner, was also sentenced to four years in prison and will be paroled in October 2009. Jeffrey Derderian was sentenced to community service.

PS: Six slideshow pics from the Indian stampede below: – Temple Stampede Kills 37 Children, 26 Women

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  • ToneTone

    June 26, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    Friend: Listen to what a survivor is saying. See her injuries, pain, and hardships. Imagine you are in her place.

    Friend: Practice “ko gyin sar.” Then you will realize how ignorant and selfish some people, in a position of trust, can be.

    YouTube – Station Night Club Fire Settlement Delays


    Friend: Imagine your monk, who badly wants “chient chient thare,” serving a four year sentence in US.
    Imagine the other monk supporter, who has urged him with more and more “chient chient thare,” now visiting the monk in prison, out of sympathy.

    What would the visiting monk say to him?

    Friend: He would say, “I am sorry, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me about the Azusa 130 person permit?”

    Friend: What else can he say at that time? Too late!

    Friend: What would the visiting monk say to those who criticized the jailed monk before?

    Friend: He might say, “Yours are not “Sor karr”(disrespect) anymore. In fact, we want more of your “Sor karr,”(disrespect) after all.”

    Friend: Would other monks visit the jailed monk, at all?

    Friend: Probably, too busy! Too far away? Probably, may need to disassociate with a jailed monk.

    Friend: Anyway, my friend, if you don’t want that, stop supporting the monk to expand. Stop him from wantonly breaking the 130 limit with his excessive overcrowding.

    Friend: No real need to do the Guest Shed. No real need to go to the Nibban Zay.

    Friend: Yes, why pay the higher Nibban Zay parking fees, why pay for the higher food prices?

    YouTube – Station nightclub fire settlements


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