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Karen refugees flee from election-related violence

Mae Sot Refugees Nov 8-9

Refugees sent back to Myawaddy

Myanmar Refugees Flee Country for Thailand – Photos –

Burma Partnership – Refugees fleeing from Myawaddy to Mae Sot November 8th – TwitVid


Video – Karen Rebels Clash with Myanmar Troops in Border Town of Myawaddy –

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Bangkok Post : Border battle spurs exodus

Thousands of Burmese civilians have fled across the border into Thailand after fierce fighting between Karen rebels and Burmese government forces erupted along the border.

At least 10 people, including Thais and Burmese villagers, were wounded when stray shells landed on Thai territory during yesterday’s battle.

Sources inside Myawaddy, the Burmese border town opposite Mae Sot district in Tak and one of the main scenes of yesterday’s battle, estimated casualties there at three deaths and more than 20 injured.

The clashes yesterday between Burmese troops and Karen minority rebels opposite Tak and Kanchanaburi came just one day after Burma held its first election in 20 years.

The fierce fighting forced at least 20,000 Burmese, mostly Karen civilians, to flee across the border into Thailand.

Villagers living in areas at risk on the Thai side of the border were evacuated to safer areas.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said Thailand would provide humanitarian assistance to the Burmese civilians who fled into the country. However, he said Thailand would not interfere in the internal affairs of its neighbour.

Mr Abhisit predicted the unrest at the border could continue for as long as three months.

Third Army commander Wannatip Wongwai yesterday ordered troops not to fire back into Burma after several shells strayed into Thai territory during the fighting…..

20K Myanmar refugees head home as fighting abates – World – Wire –

YANGON, Myanmar — About 20,000 refugees from Myanmar headed home Tuesday after fleeing to Thailand as fighting followed a general election that is certain to keep Myanmar’s military and its allies in power.

The incident underlined Myanmar’s vulnerability to unrest following the country’s first election in two decades on Sunday, which was billed by the ruling junta as a key stage in its self-proclaimed road to democracy.

Privately, officials of the junta’s proxy party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party, have boasted of winning 75 percent to 80 percent of the vote, even though just a handful of official results have been announced. Political opponents say the sweeping victory will be won through cheating, and are joined by Western nations in decrying the vote as manipulated and unfair.

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Once more across the Moei | Al Jazeera Blogs

As the sun begins to set over Mae Sot, scores of weary refugees, their few belongings hurriedly crammed into baskets, make their way back from Thailand into Myanmar.

It was just 24 hours ago that they made this same journey the other way around.

Many came on foot – crossing the Moei river at its lowest point between the two countries.

They were fleeing the post-election fighting that had broken out between the Myanmar military and a breakaway faction from the minority ethnic rebel group DKBA – or Democratic Karen Buddhist Army.

In a few hours, 10,000 had made the short trek to Thailand, not a few visibly shaken, with tears in their eyes.

They were used to living in fear of possible conflict between armed groups – but this time, the villagers worried the violence would be more personal.

Many spoke of how they felt threatened by the military because they didn’t go out and vote in Sunday’s polls.

Several explosions peppered Monday afternoon along the Moei, every loud boom immediately followed by another stream of residents fleeing across the riverbed.

Myanmar refugees board boat – Yahoo! News Photos

YouTube – Refugees get food Mae Sot/Myawaddy

from my friend in Mae Sot, northern Thailand. On November 7, the day of Myanmar’s first election in 20 years, combat between DKBA(Democratic Karen Buddhist Army) and central government army(SPDC) broke out in Myawaddy. 20,000 people fled into Thailand across the river and they spent 2 nights in Mae Sot.

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