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Lin Yu Chun, ‘Taiwan’s Susan Boyle’, signs Sony record deal

The shy and portly singer who shot to fame after appearing on a Taiwanese talent show is to record his debut album

Lin Yu Chun, ‘Taiwan’s Susan Boyle’, signs Sony record deal | Music |

Lin Yu Chun, Taiwan‘s bow-tied “answer to Susan Boyle”, has signed a major worldwide record deal. The unlikely soprano, a rotund 24-year-old man, will release his debut album with Sony Music in July.

“I still can’t believe this is real,” Yu Chun told a Shanghai press conference. It has been a whirlwind spring for the singer, who shot to international fame with his performance on the Taiwanese karaoke show Avenue to Stardom.

The video went viral, and almost 10 million people have watched Yu Chun warble through the Bodyguard soundtrack hit I Will Always Love You. The shy and portly singer, with an unfashionable bowl haircut, was instantly compared to dowdy Scottish star Susan Boyle. Boyle, now 49, stunned viewers of Britain’s Got Talent – and went on to release the best-selling album of 2009.

Like Boyle, Yu Chun did not win his televised talent contest, but he soon became a minor US sensation, performing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where he sang Total Eclipse of the Heart with, er, William Shatner. “I now have more confidence in pursuing a singing career,” Yu Chun told the Associated Press. “You don’t have to be a good-looking man or woman to succeed. Just be yourself and try your best.”

Nicknamed “Little Fatty”, Yu Chun said he has been mocked throughout his life for his round figure and high-pitched voice. Now, those same attributes have attracted Sony Music, which promises to release a collection of Chinese and English songs performed by Yu Chun. They haven’t said whether I Will Always Love You, written by Dolly Parton but made even more famous by Whitney Houston, will appear on the album. Yu Chun learned the song during his loneliest days, sequestered in his room. “I played it again and again even though my parents couldn’t stand it any more and asked me to stop,” he said. Certainly, his version sounds better than Houston’s most recent attempts.

Yu Chun, who is Taiwanese, should not be mistaken for “the Chinese Susan Boyle”, 79-year-old Wu Baiwei. Unfortunately, the former university lecturer is still waiting for her record deal.

Asian Susan Boyle Gets Record Contract — Vulture

Lin Yu-chun, the young man who shot to Internet fame earlier this year with a perfect rendition of “I Will Always Love You” (seriously, watch it again) on a Taiwanese talent competition, has landed a record deal with Sony Music. His debut will be out in July, will feature both Chinese and English songs, and will probably sell a billion copies. [AP]

Lin Yu Chun, ‘Taiwan’s Susan Boyle’, signs Sony record deal | Music |

Singing sensation Lin Yu Chun inks singing deal with Sony –  Celebrity Gossip on xinmsn Entertainment

Lin Yu Chun first shot to instant fame after wowing both judges and audiences with his singing capabilities after appearing on Taiwanese reality-singing programme, One Million Star, and earned himself the nickname ‘Taiwan’s Susan Boyle’.

A few days ago at a mothers’ day event organized by Haagen-Dazs, Lin expressed his excitement on becoming Scottish singer Susan Boyle’s protégé, and enthused, “I have never imagine that I will become her junior. I’m really very happy!”

“If there is a chance I will definitely love to collaborate with her. I really want to tell her ‘I love you’,” he smilingly added.

At the event, Lin performed Boyle’s titular track which brought her to fame from Britain’s Got Talent, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and expressed, “This song has touched me and gave me a lot of encouragement.”

The 24-year-old will be inking a music contract with Sony on the 13th this month in Shanghai. It was said that Sony’s overseas executives expressed interest in working with Lin and specially attended one of his performances in Taipei last month.

YouTube – Lin Yu Chun Sings Amazing Grace

April 07, 2010 — Lin Yu Chun singing Amazing Grace http://lin-yu-chun.blogspot…

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YouTube – Lin Yu Chun And William Shatner “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Duet- “Lopez Tonight”

April 21, 2010 — Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner performing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on “Lopez Tonight”

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YouTube – [Lopez Tonight] Lin Yu Chun 2/4- Saving All My Love For You solo 林育羣獻唱

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YouTube – [ellen] Lin Yu Chun – I Will Always Love You 林育羣美國艾倫秀獻唱

On Ellen de Generes’ show

this is very inspirational words just cant describe except that if you believe in your self you can achieve even in the most impossible odds, a fine example

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Lin Yu Chun (Chinese: 林育羣; pinyin: Lín Yǜ Qǘn; born March 9, 1986 in Taipei) is a singer, who gained fame by appearing on a Taiwanese talent show, Super Star Avenue (超級星光大道), singing “I Will Always Love You” (originally by Dolly Parton) in the style of Whitney Houston‘s cover version.[1]

Lin Yu Chun – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He was voted off of the show but after a video of him singing the song made it onto YouTube, he became an “Internet Celebrity”[2][3], receiving more than 6,000,000 views[4] of his performance. Many new sources even dubbed him “Taiwan’s Susan Boyle[5][6][7][8][9][10][11].

In April, 2010, he visited the US and performed “I Will Always Love You”[12][13] and Amazing Grace[14] on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On the same trip, he attended Lopez Tonight and performed Saving All My Love for You[15] (also a Whitney Houston cover) and Total Eclipse of the Heart (originally by Bonnie Tyler) as a duet with William Shatner[16][17].

Sony Music Entertainment announced they had signed Lin Yu Chun to a record deal.[18]. Lin Yu-chun joined Sony Music signing press conference on the 13 May 2010, was held in Shanghai San Want Hotel.


Superstar Avenue history

Superstar Avenue 26-03-2010 He sang John Newton – Amazing Grace – 25 points (His opponent, Zhangshi Tang, got 19 points)
Superstar Avenue 02-04-2010 He sang Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You – 24 points (His opponent, Suzhi Yu, got 22 points)
Superstar Avenue 09-04-2010 He sang Shunza – Coming Home – 17 points (His opponent, Zhangshi Tang, got 20 points)
Superstar Avenue 30-04-2010 He sang Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Guest Performer)
Superstar Avenue 14-05-2010 He sang Les Miserables – I Dreamed a Dream (Guest Performer)
He also duet with Kenny G. sang Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You (Guest Performer)

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