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Tone Tone’s friends continue their discussions.

Similar or Close?

Friend: I gather that you all have seen magnificent Bodh Gaya’s pictures and videos. Well then, I have this question for you.

Is Azusa kyaung any where close to the real Bodh Gaya, in size and splendor?

Friend: Azusa Kyaung may be bigger than other Burmese Kyaungs in western US. However, we all agree that it still cannot compare to the real Bodh Gaya.

Not by a long shot!

Friend: In that case, calling it Bodh Gaya is incorrect. Would you agree?

Friends: Agree. In fact, it’s a misrepresentation to the public. We think it’s a big lie.

Friend: A boldfaced lie!

Hsi Lai Temple

Friend: What about Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights? Is Azusa temple as big or as grand as Hsi Lai?

Friend: Well, Azusa Temple cannot compare to Hsi Lai Temple, either.

Strange! Hsi Lai and many other Temples in US bigger than Azusa kyaung, do not allude themselves to Bodh Gaya.

They are quite unlike him. They observe Buddhist discipline.

Friend: In my opinion, this must be a nut case. Might be “pauk” or loose in the head!

Friend: Most probably, “Yann da”! or reckless!

How about Aspiration?

Friend: Don’t underestimate him, my brothers. Maybe one day, Azusa can grow bigger than Hsi Lai. Maybe as big as, or even bigger, than Bodh Gaya? Who knows?
Friend: Are you kidding?

A pipe dream! Fantasy!

Azusa Kyaung can never, ever, aspire to be like the real Bodh Gaya in India. At least, not in his lifetime.

Friend: Why is that?

Small community

Friend: Why?  The answer is there. Look also at our small community in Los Angeles. How can our small community in L A support such a mammoth undertaking? Also, about 20 Burmese monasteries in this area to support! Do you know?

Compare this to those of  great King Asoka, a host of other kings and governments, the Indian and world communities – throughout the ages!

Small Permit

Friend: We don’t have to look far. A very simple reason. Everyone knows Azusa Temple’s permit is only for 130 attendees.

Originally, it was an even lower 50.

With a big nearby property purchase for over $ 450,000.00, the City grudgingly raised it to only 130.

Friend: Compare this “miserly” 130 to the daily thousands of devotees and monks at Bodh Gaya in India.

How can Azusa Temple ever compare to the Maha Bodhi Temple, in any way? You tell me!

Also, consider the gigantic Buddha statue, the huge Banyan tree, plus various countries’ monasteries, over there in Bodh Gaya.

Friend: Sounds like somebody got conceited or overly excited and wants to jump the gun.

The allusion to Bodh Gaya is a madman’s delusion!

So unreal!


Friend: BTW, As in Bodh Gaya, will U Ayethaka be comfortable with having Thai, Tibetans, Bhutanese, Nepali, Chinese, and Japanese structures and monks in Azusa?

LOL! I doubt it!

Friend: Buddhism is “universal.” It’s “inclusive” and not “divisive.” India’s Bodh Gaya has that quality, irrespective of rank or race.

Friend: My question:

Will U Ayethaka be having this same “universal” or “inclusive” or “broad minded ‘outlook for Azusa, as seen in Bodh Gaya?

As one instance, I didn’t see him attending his assistant’s honoring ceremony.

A pretender

Friend: No comparison! A vivid analogy comes to mind.

It’s like the crow decking out in peacock’s feathers!