699, Serramonte Blvd., Room (101)
Daly City, CA  94015

Dear Dhamma Friends:

We would like to invite you to two Tipitaka Sayadaws Tayapwe {Dhamma Talk} on coming Saturday and Sunday. Following are schedules and location:

*7:00 p.m. Saturday, January 23th, 2010

TipitakaDaYa DamaBandarGarRika Sayadaw

Dr Buddanta GanDhaMalaLankaya.

*7:00 p.m. Sunday, January 24th, 2010.
TipitakaDaYa DamaBandarGarRika  Sayadaw
Buddanta VamsapalaLankaya
Venue: Dhamma Hall. Room ( 101 )
Theravada Dhamma Society

Serramonte Del Rey. 699, Serramonte Blvd.Daly City CA 94015.

*Please see attached flyers for Sayadaws bio and detail infomation.

This is the very rare opportunity to listen Dhamma from two Tipitaka Sayadaws  at same weekend.
We would like to encourage all Dhamma friends to come to both Tayapwes and listen Dhamma.

Please pass this message to your Dhamma  friends.

All devotees are cordially invited to the Dhamma Talk. All your support is much appreciated.

With Metta,

Theravada Dhamma Society

San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

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