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Star Spangled Banner 7 yr old most incredible singer

Happy July 4th! God Bless America Rhema Marvanne- Spar Spangled Banner – To download Rhema’s Music MP3’s

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Rhema Marvanne singing – National Anthem Lone Star Park 4/11/2010 Grand Prairie TX

Whitney Houston sings the National Anthem — Star Spangled Banner

This is from Television’s Greatest Moments. It is when Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem at the Superbowl. This was during the time period of the Persian Gulf War.

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Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston

She? does it so effortlessly its beautiful!

Happy? Independent Day. Whitney is always awesome

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Mariah Carey – Star Spangled Banner (pre-recorded)

a pre recorded version of Mariah’s national anthem. Great version and up there with other amazing versions like Whitney Houston (also pre recorded)

Too bad not many sing these live. but i guess it’s too stressful or technical hard to do. Mariah does a good job on the lipsync, but it is still obvious. Especially the last note where she waits for it to come. the whistle note was nicely edited. you can hear it, but can’t see her do it.

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faith hill – star spangled banner(super bowl34)

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Mariah Carey – Fourth Of July

when i listen to this song it’s like im in a dream with all of my

crushes around me LOL. now that’s dreaming! haha