PareByokeJuly 5, 20109min90

YouTube – 4th of July Pyro Spectacular

dude even watching this the second time is awesome…!!!!!!!!! how did you make those fireworks because i dont know how to work the advanced firework editor can you tell me? thank you

YouTube – Amazing 4th of July firework show – RCT3 – God Bless the USA

***HD*** Please enjoy my RARE 4th of July firework show – RCT3 – God Bless the USA. Thxs to Baseball8610 and Jetline09 for the pyro and lasers. Set design done by me!!!

Music – Lee Greenwood “God Bless the USA”

YouTube – Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks: Fourth of July 2008

Yea, I’m late for this, but better late than never! The Fireworks were awesome down here in Florida, and we were able to see them out on the water!

I hope everyone’s having an awesome summer! For those of you wondering what my other videos will be, I plan on showing Gyrostarr and possibly another awesome Roller Coaster Tycoon coaster and water show, but first I’ll conclude my Custom Brawl stages with my #1 stage. I’m still allowing requests too.

The song is the Buoy Base Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, and of course you’d need the Soaked expansion pack for the lasers. All the fireworks were included with the game and all the lasers were custom made.