In this paper company is showing their specialization in integrated php module which define more result and functionality of your website. Currentaly PHP IDE is available with zend frame work for professional developers having capablities to develop the business application.

One of the most popular web application solutions to compete for supremacy in the web industry today are the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) 4.0 and Active Server Pages (ASP) 3.0. Companies choose web-based application-specific solutions on a variety of reasons, such as the installation requirements, the language of architecture, development environment, performance and online support.

Companies that are currently in the Microsoft web server software often turn to the ASP as a scripting platform, because it is a very simple upgrade.

Similarly, companies that use a variant of Unix, Apache web server is used to install PHP. Even if PHP is installed on several others list server software-only description of the ASP supports Microsoft server line. Experienced programmers in Visual Basic (VB), preferably coding ASP VB Script, why not has a steep learning curve to overcome.

Similarly, Perl, C + + and Java programmers tend to PHP is a scripting language similar to an effective web application. Microsoft offers a wonderful suite of applications, the ASP program, than PHP, which offers little more than basic supply of electricity. Instead, PHP and ASP brilliant performance tends to lag behind. It ‘hard to overcome the performance and the price of the system configuration, such as the Unix operating system, Apache Web server and PHP module.

The speed is unbeatable and the price is unbeatable, which is free. Consequently, the competitive nature of PHP web developers, many sites are comprehensive setup gurus to promote their favored technology for web applications.

If the publication is a valuable articles, or to answer questions Support Forum, ASP and PHP community is dedicated supporters who volunteer their time to training their peers. Even if the ASP is to support one of the largest companies in the world (eg, Microsoft), is back again to strengthen the free software movement, which support PHP.

A powerful development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 is an attractive asset when choosing a Web application solution. Visual Studio ASP enterprise-level development is a good reason why companies choose ASP.

The ineffectiveness of PHP IDE allows software developers using PHP editors and software source code control for a variety of suppliers. However, the Zend IDE is a tool of maturation that is likely to grow at a competitive foreign direct investment in the near future.

Currently, the PHP community is not your favorite IDE. One of the most widely used editor for PHP Web DevelopmentAllaire HomeSite, the PhpED and EditPlus. While the PHP community has not yet adopted a common IDE, Zend has just released version 1.1.0 of their IDE maturation. In addition to standard features like syntax editor and project management, Zend IDE includes a debugger, complete the first of its kind in PHP.

Important features are currently supported by Zend IDE includes integrated source control, deployment of files and automatic code completion. Although Zend and IDE has received only modest criticism, made an appropriate approach to deliver a quality business environment for the development of integrated PHP.

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