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The Writers for Peace Committee of PEN Myanmar organized this short story competition on the occasion of International Peace Day of 2014. I sent a short story, so I got consolation prize in this Peace of day. Today, I post to English version, this story for all my friends. Thank you very much to PEN Myanmar Organization and Naing Swann who translated this story.


Predetermined Fortune of Our Unfortunate People

By Thaw Zin (Loi Kaw)

“Predetermined Fortune of our unfortunate people…

Guardians of our Nation, please, bring succor to us,

Bestow with good luck and auspiciousness..

To come and visit through Golden Gate, we heartily induce and invite..”


He, Thila was watching MRTV, but his mind was away from the program; remembering uneasy days or hell hot days he had passed on the beautiful northern green mountain ranges. At that time, days or nights, he had been startled by nightmares of unsecured condition and, had been deafened his ears by the bomb explosions and gun shootings.

For Thila, he had no chance to speak his hopes out! What he had clearly remembered were a tattered umbrella, labor boots, a ragged bag that hung over his shoulder and he was trying to pass the rough mountain path. He could not be able to remember any more.

The MRTV program was direct show ‘The Festival for Peace’. When he behold that program and, thinking that it would be so nice to become as the stanzas of rhyme enact of the song. How sound it would be! The artist were revealing or bringing our people’s desires out on the stage. That festival for peace was held in a state city for funding.




No one hope that the day would come true, yet of hearsay signs, talking about the bad news of battles. But then, it really happened!

They gave no words each other in the noise of ‘ Fout ….Fout …Fout’ were the noises of gunshots by Myanmar or KIA.

If one showed fearing of frightening manner, other could not be calm and shivering in fear of death. So they kept themselves on as if no hearing for them.

It was the time in Pharhant, Jade Land to end excavation also known as interval time of Hmaw. Most of the company he served employees had already returned to their homes since May 20, but they could not. They were gazing in doubts. Some jade-diggers thought that Pharkant-Moe Kaung way would be blocked, and some were anxious or worried of being force labored by Myanmar Army or KIA so most of them went back homes.

How about both two of them? They too wanted to back home but they could not, because of the poor condition of their families. They consoled their families that the news they heard were not real condition in Pharkant. In really, condition was in a state of alarm.




Thila took many photos of foot hill form the top hillside near his company. He saw many workers like the bees, some with baggage on foot, and some were carrying their luggage by tri-cycles consist of children and even old aged persons. Also he heard-

“Last day, dreadful bullets heavily fall like mosquitoes, but we were saved by a back-hole machine in front of us”

“No daring to stay on, fearing of killer bullets. I have, I must go back home”

They seemed they were the workers of a company just as him. Thila asked loudly “Where to, are you going?”

“To Mamon! We are going. And you? Now, the armed forces reached Mana. They fought last night. The harbinger death bullets fell into the village so the villager flight leaving their homes. We are last of all from the company workers.”

Thila did not ask any more and realizing that the gun-shots last night were from Sin Kyar Bon village and Mana village. If it was true, the battles might be closer and nearer of them. He was in Met Lin Chaung Hmaw, near Mana Hmaw. He had a premonition to hear the news and he went to his company yard. The rests of company workers were lessen of thirty. Before that serious condition of battles, there were over eighty workers in rainy season.

Then, they must, they had to listen the fight news with great worries and to keep their life and body together. But, there was no shield of peace for ordinary people!

Once, Thila unexpectedly met with three KIA soldiers in rough road. He was surprised to see them; they were under the age of eighteen years.

“Where to”, asked they, shortly and roughly.

Why or how they became the soldiers, Thila did not know. But considering that- if one might squeeze a belief hopefully then he lost his human appearance and emotion of empathy or sympathy of humanism. Thila was afraid of them and he politely and obediently answered,

‘ Sir, to Met Lin Chaung. Sir’.




It was thd date of August 29, 2013. It was extremely unfortunate for Thila. Among the five enemies of mankind were water flood, fire burning down, rules of bad king, living a person who bears ill-will, Thila would want to add one- War!

When they saw the burnt smoke of fire on the east mountain, some of his friends and Thila went to Mamon village through near Met Lin Chaung middle village. They had to cross the plane field so they quickly moved. When they reached Mamon village, they saw their Yadana Taung Dan Company was burnt down in dark smoke.

Their head office of Pharkant sent two small cars to meet them and to carry them. But, Thila and one of his friends, Soe Soe were left over for not capable of the cars.

“What will you do on for your future when you reach Pharkant Headquarter, Thila?”

Asked Soe Soe.

No answers had he. No work for hin in lower region of Myanmar, Yangon if he backed. According to the condition, it was sure that his company would reduce laborers and he might be consisting in it. How would it be his tomorrow? Thila could not be able to think, to hope, to do…..

“I cannot decide what to do, Soe Soe. And you?”

“I won’t go back home.”

“If so, what will you do?”

“I will search stones in waste soil. Nothing will be more than that. I have no enough money to go back my home. If I reach my home, my life must be restarted again. I do not want to do starting my life again. I don’t want myself as a fellow of giving up and ran helter-skelter; fled in disorder in civil war in Kachin. So, I have no way to choose. I must do searching stones in waste soil. And you?”

No answer had he.

It was not sure that-whether he could be able to do gathering search of rough stone in the waste of digging soil or not, under the battle of KIO and Myanmar Army in Pharkant, Jade land. As Soe Soe, he dared not to take a risk.




While the red four wheels car started moving in haste, many people were running, they saw. When their car passed through Phar Pyin village main road, suddenly they heard the big explosion.

Their ears were deafened! People were running into near yards. The car was stopped. Seeing the gun shooting flash, they hid themselves in a near dwelling, missing a heartbeat due to fear. They hid themselves there for half hour.

Then, they carefully move and drove to their headquarter company through San Kywe village.

When they got headquarter about 9 pm, they saw their company was burnt down! All the properties that they save for 6 years were lost in burning! One of his friend Zaw Nay Oo wept and wept. Soe Soe was embittered and moped in welled his eyes seeing the burnt-red sky.

So did was his heart in helpless without restraint! Thila became the one that the clothes on his back within a very short time; so be his other partners.

Where was the people’s safety? To whom that question be asked!




On direct broadcasting program of MRTV, artist Yan Pai Soe and his assemblage performed and sang the song that aimed for Peace, in the Peace Festival.




“The Noble Sound of High Grand Drum is hinge to hit the jackpot and windfall through the country, the people

If so be of salutation wishing success

Being chosen genuine nationwide peace by our national ethnics

O forgive each of all mistakes

On the peaceful land of no enemies

He most importance is to live peacefully among us”


“Predetermined Fortune of our unfortunate people

Bring succor to us, please, Guardians of our Nation Bestow with good luck and auspiciousness

Come and visit through Golden Gate, we heartily induce and invite.”


Listening and watching the program, he considered-

“What the most important things are! How the precious Peace will be! Is it concerning Predetermined Fortune of our fortunate people?”

But he could not be able to ponder anymore. The inviting song of opening the Golden Peace Gates would be being continued.




Thaw Zin (Loikaw)

Translated by Naing Swann










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