” People talk about the problems. They don’t talk about the solutions.” A soft spoken person is making the difference for India’s Dalits, the “Untouchables.” The Hindu caste system was created by priests and astrologers, the Brahmins. Essentially, they grabbed a top spot and pushed down poor hardworking people.

YouTube – The Scavengers – India


journeymanpictures | July 07, 2010

April 2008

A revolutionary toilet is making waves the world over. Self-composting, and requiring no drainage, the toilet already serves some 4 million people daily in India. What’s more, it is empowering the country’s poorest.

Dr Bindeswhar Phatak is the acclaimed head of the Sulabh Movement. His organisation has provided public toilet facilities throughout India, and stable jobs for 50,000 Untouchables. The large profits made by the scheme go towards further educating and training the Untouchable class. Now governments worldwide are queuing up to order the design which “reduces disease, improves health and eliminates poverty.”

It’s such a disgrace that the world’s largest democracy couldn’t eradicate the caste system. This caste system is as bad as slave trade.

India is spending billions on nuclear weapons, wars and space race with china while the whole country stinks as the largest open air toilet. Shame on the politicians and priests.

on behalf of  humanity..thank you

YouTube – Indian Toilet Cleaners Get New Profession


I think it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are contributing to society. I have never looked down upon “toilet cleaners”. Without sanitary workers this world will be uninhabitable.

@hobgoblin1216 you don’t get it. They are forced to be cleaners etc. , it doesn’t matter how smart you are. The janitors in the rest of the world made their own choice and people don’t discriminate them.

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