Here sharing the ebook of “Right View and Wrong View” Talk by Tsunami Sayadaw Rev. Ottamasara From Thanlyin Meditation Centre.

Sayadaw’s teaching (having right understanding) is intended to any religion and all classes of people _ the rich and the poor, the young and the old, men and women – without making any discrimination between them.

His teaching is free and open to all people and everyone can practice and
follow it.

How will people practice meditation in their workaday life?
Can meditation be practiced in our days of speed and stress?

We can not avoid our daily problems of life. We keep on doing with our work in daily life by having right understanding through right practice.

It is not an easy way to practice by ourselves that’s why the help of the Buddha and his followers who know well about Created Truths and Original Truth is absolutely necessary.

By only paying attention to Original Truth – Real Impermanent Nature and Real Permanent Nature with the help of the Buddha and his followers, slowly or quickly but surely we can walk the only middle way and realize the true essence of it.


This book is written by Ma Hnin Nwe Soe, one of Saydaw’s disciple. This teaching in it is directly based on the Guided talk by Sayadaw at BHS in Penang, Malaysia Dhamma Trip, March- 2011.

One can get ebook at below link

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I want to share of right understanding which can give rise to real happiness & freedom as much as I can understand. My sharing is based on the teaching of Buddha, Mogok Sayadaw Gyi, Ahin Ottamasara from ThaBarWa Meditation Centre, Thanlyin Township, Yangon, Myanmar. ခ်မ္းသာအစစ္ကို ရရွိ သိရွိ နားလည္ေရး ...မဂၢင္ရွစ္ပါး တရားနည္း ( ႏွလံုးသြင္းမွန္မႈ) ကို သိရွိေရး တင္ျပသြားရန္ ရည္ရြယ္ပါသည္။