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Phan Sin Shin Thone Oo

Myanmar Buddhist Talks

A wonderful, down to earth, and very blunt sermon about True Buddhism and practice for the common people. It’s also filled with colorful illuminating stories for lay people’s easy understanding.


He preaches:

Pomp and ceremony are not needed in religion. He gives his own “shin byu” ordination ceremony as an example. This was in stark contrast with another extravagant one.

Don’t underestimate youth. Though young, knowledge and spiritual attainments are more important.

Have cetana in your work. Use your intellect. Work hard.

Don’t believe in superstitions. Don’t rely on fortune tellers, spirit mediums, and astrologers.

This (superstition) is very wrong. Don’t believe in talismans, charms, amulets, “holy” water.

I. Superstition:

@ about 16:00


Many spirit Nat statues in a house

II. Balance between “Generosity” and “Intellect.”

People worshipping a shipwrecked naked man.

Need to critique. Otherwise, others can take advantage.

@ about 28:00

“Lu lain Nga Pain,” a crooked monk story.

Gullible women even took his bathing water as holy water. 

This monk stole donated pagoda jewelry, without donors knowing. “Crooked monks have a stealthier form of stealing.”

(Using guises, projects, and pretexts and always asking for moneys without accountability, might be one way)

Lesson: Respect monks. But, when worshipping as a personal monk, need to select/critique a monk carefully.

@ about 51:00

“Dat lone” (Magical mercury balls) story


Persevere and Work hard. Rely on oneself. Don’t just pray and ask for blessings.

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