Me: :” Mom, How about the weather in Mandalay? Colder?”

Mom : :…… …… ……

Me: : ” Please take care your health, Stay warmly, I got the news from Internet.”

” Ti Ti ” ( Voice of incoming message )

Mom: : ……. …….. …..

Me: : “OK, Please let me stop, My mobile has low load. ”

Me: : ” See you later, I will call in next week ” “Now I am stopping. ”

After reading a post ” Myanmar Weather News ” at Mandalay Gazette, I felt worried and called to my parents.

After calling to Mandalay, to my parents, I checked my Mobile.

There was an Incoming Message.

I told in my  mind.” Yes, I know – You are Q Tel”

Message showing as ” Dear Customer,  your mobile balance was lower than 5 Qatar Riyal. Now it was only 4.95 QR.Please top up with Q Tel Hala from nearest Q Tel out let…………”

I have to top up my mobile as prepaid system.

In 2007, when we arrive to Qatar, The charges of using mobile is too high,  for one minute, 2.5 QR for local and 3.5 QR for International call. ( 3.65 QR= 1 US$ ), It meant to call Myanmar, for one minutes cost over 1000 Ks on that time.

And a little difficult to get a Mobile Sim Card . You need to go to Q Tel Head office with your passport or Qatar ID and cost for a Sim card is around 50 QR.

In 2009, Vodafone started its network in Qatar by joining Q Tel. ( Both are GSM )

When starting of its operation, to get users, Vodafone tried  by reducing the price method. Only 2 QR for one minute and periodically gave free international call and free Internet access by Vodafone.

So  the people in Qatar especially oversea workers like us were changed to use Vodafone regarding cheaper rate.

Q Tel also had to reduce its rates. So  dropped to 1.5 QR for a minute.

Now a day,  both of Q Tel and Vodafone’s  rate are less than 1 QR for one minutes.

Vodafone offers Free Local minutes system ( Example- If you top up 10 QR in your mobile, You got 200 free Local minutes to call every phone numbers in Qatar ).

Q Tel offer periodical Bonus ( Example- in their National day period- Q Tel gave 200 QR bonus for 100 QR Top up ).

Now Q Tel and Vodafone are racing  in Qatar Mobile business.

They are trying to reduce the rates and adding in their services.

The result of their fair play, we, the people in Qatar, get more benefits as cheaper rates, easy to get a Sim Card.

( Example- they are offering like this- if you buy a mobile Hand set, they will give you a Sim Card as free gift and some QR loaded in it ).

This is our experiences in Qatar. Mostly I use Q Tel only because it is better to call Myanmar.

I think Vodafone need to use Q Tel Network to call International.Therefore calling to Myanmar by Vodafone is worse than by using Q Tel ( my opinion only ).

I hope you can receive my information regarding Competition In Business.

So for our Myanmar people , we just hope for best ( 5000 Ks Sim Cards ).

And prepare for the…………. ( Don’t buy 3 Lakhs Sim ??????? ).

There are so many things to do for our poor people.

Please do something start from you for your surrounding.

With respect,

Swal Taw Ywet.


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