CORY AQUINO’s death once again reunites Filipino people

August 5, 2009 — Rizza


Cory’s death was the saddest moment for the Filipino people. Everyone is in grave for losing a mother, a teacher, an adviser, a confidant and a leader. The former president Cory Aquino touches many Filipino lives. Cory was a very low profile person. She was just a simple housewife who used to be a supporter of her husband Ninoy. She was just Ninoy’s wife who turned out to be a President of the Philippines. Cory was a strong woman, a loving wife, a caring mother, a loving, caring and thoughtful friend.

Cory’s death once again reunites Filipino people. Reunites different colors in politics, reunites enemies. During the procession of Cory’s body from La Salle to Manila Cathedral, many people gathered in every place where the body of Cory and the convoy passes by. Everyone is shouting “WE LOVE YOU CORY”. Everyone is waving their yellow flags and ribbons, waving their hands with the L (Laban) sign.

It was just like the burial of her husband Ninoy, like the people power in 1986. Different people gathered everywhere.  Priests, Nuns, Soldiers, Youth and Old… name it they were there. Just like now on Cory’s death, people are giving their respect to the former president, their sympathies to the family of Cory, their gratitude to the family for sharing Cory to the Filipino people. Everyone is showing their love and respect to the former president.

To Madam Cory Aquino…. I admire you for being a strong person, for your courage and for touching so many lives.


Thank you and goodbye!

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