Definition of CMS like Joomla vs. WordPress Development

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When it comes to CMSs, WordPress and Joomla are the leading names today. Both are open source Softwares, and are free to use and customize. Each has its own community and user base, as well as a well-maintained repository of themes/templates and plugins/extensions. And all have their pros and cons.

Joomla vs. WordPress Comparison


The WordPress content management system is aperfect platform for the bloggers as it is easy to install and use.

  • You can tailor it according to your requirements.
  • Furthermore for its customization you don’t need to have in-depth and extensive programming knowledge.
  • You can make your website more vibrant by using WordPress plug-ins which can be installed easily.
  • This technology gives your website an in-built platform letting visitors to comment on your posts automatically. WordPress is one of the best CMS platform used and recognized by many bloggers.


  • Joomla CMS is an outstanding content management system letting easy management and maintenance of your website, with little or no programming knowledge needed.
  • It offers all the mandatory features right from adding and updating everything such as images, article pages, navigation menus.
  • Increasing the functionality of a website can be managed by number of extensions offered by Joomla software.
  • Joomla provides full flexibility to developers to design a website the way they want.

Joomla vs.Wordpress

Comparison between Joomla vs. WordPress

  • If you want to add images, publish new items, WordPress is exceptionally easy to use. Whereas Joomla presents a more “feature-rich” CMS, though one needs to get the hang of making the modifications.
  • In comparison to WordPress, Joomla is supported by a strong community to help the end users.
  • Joomla is unsurpassed for creating websites concerned with e-commerce and website needing a more professional touch. Joomla has thousands of extensions to offer, which are instrumental in increasing the functionality of a website. With its wider flexibility, improved features and premier extensions, Joomla to greater extent out beats WordPress.
  • Joomla was created from the ground up and over the years it has grown as an acclaimed CMS, while WordPress was designed as a publishing platform that has developed gradually into a CMS, offering each unique skill. These are the reasons why many developers declare that Joomla wins in the comparison between Joomla vs. WordPress.

Why use Joomla over WordPress

Because of the power and flexibility provided by the Joomla CMS, it has become one of the most popular CMS available in the market. Reasons for its enormousacceptance are its features, plentifulcapabilities and a well-developed custom database work. Joomla offers a complex multiple user privilege system, with user registration and layered content privileges, while WordPress does not have the privilege system capability. Joomla is also the best open source CMS solution when it comes to multiple user groups. In nutshell both platforms work well for managing websites, WordPress is the best option for small to medium business. But Joomla is a fantastic option for a website that requires multiple user privileges or custom database work.

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