What is Mobile Joomla ?

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As the number of mobile devices continues to outpace the number of desktop computers, the creation of mobile-accessible sites is becoming more and more important.

Mobile Joomla is the best way to mobilize your Joomla site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM BlackBerry, Nokia, and all other phones. Mobile Joomla Development is also the easiest way to speed up your responsive template performance up to 400% on mobile devices.

Mobile Joomla is trusted by more than 130,000 Joomla users and used to mobilize over 15,000,000 pages.

Mobile Joomla! Benefits:

  • Easy – Install and have a stunning mobile site out-of-the-box
  • Fast – Less waiting & more engagement for your visitors, better conversion for you
  • Boost – Up to 400% better performance for your responsive templates
  • Optimized – Best user experience, no matter what mobile device or browser your visitors use
  • Advanced settings & customization

Mobile Joomla is designed by expert Joomla Developers for professional use. Using advanced settings and customization options, prepare your mobile web site to display great on any mobile phone.

  • Widest mobile phone support

With Mobile Joomla you do not need to worry about ‘reach’. Mobile Joomla makes sure your mobile site is available for the majority or the phones available today. Mobile Joomla ensures the best look and results with its state of the art device detection methods and smart content adaption algorithms to optimize the experience specifically for the visiting mobile device.

Feature Highlights:

  • Widest mobile device support, from feature phones to smartphones & tablets
  • True optimization for your mobile site, according to each device’s capabilities
  • Multi template and layout support for different device segments
  • Up to 400% performance boost for responsive templates
  • 3rd party mobile template support
  • Custom mobile modules, menus, layouts
  • Advanced image optimization
  • Sub-domain redirection per device category
  • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and plugins
  • Advanced User Agent detection (multiple methods i.e. WURFL, Compact WURFL, fixed or none)
  • Multi-site support
  • Advanced image adaptation
  • Flexible layout settings
  • Sub-domain redirection
  • Advanced device categorization: XHTML, iPhone, iMode and WAP
  • Custom templates per device category
  • Menu exclusion per device category
  • Fully customizable with different modules and templates
  • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and components


Simple installation & setup

You do not need to be a Joomla guru to install and setup Mobile Joomla. Upload, follow instructions and you have a mobile web site!

Custom modules & themes

Keeping up to date with latest devices is made simple with Mobile Joomla WURFL integration. Just click update from the settings and everything is handled automatically.


So Mobile Joomla is very effective and easy to set up the website wizard. Website owners can give the major impact to their Joomla based website.

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