Google Redesigned

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About the Project

Google Redesigned originally started as a single CSS userstyle which tried to redesign Google’s Gmail service. It has since grown to incorporate Google Calendar and Google Reader, and is slowly taking on other services one by one. Google Redesigned is built for Mozilla-based browsers running the Gecko rendering engine, such as: Firefox, Flock, IceWeasel, Songbird, Prism, etc… As of this date other browsers are not supported. Example  pic Google Redesigned is an open source project, which means we welcome all suggestions, comments and bug reports. The extension and all its styles are licensed under the GPL license and are free to download. Because Google Redesigned uses dozens of images and is used by hundreds of thousands of users we rely entirely on user donations to pay for maintenance costs. If you use the extension and wish to support our efforts please send us a dollar or two using the button on the right. To see some screenshots of what Google Redesigned does click here


How Does It Work?

Google Redesigned first detects when you’re visiting a supported page (such as Gmail). When it detects that you are looking at Gmail it will load a new CSS file from the extension overtop of your current Gmail page. This changes the way the interface looks. Every now and then, Google Redesigned will automatically connect to our servers and check to see if it’s got the latest version of the styles. If not, it will download and install the update for you so that you’re always using the most recent and best version of the styles. Google Redesigned has no access to any of your data or personal information. Google Redesigned also doesn’t change the functionality of any Google services, it only changes their appearance.

Try it with “Integrated Gmail”

Google Redesigned worked in conjuction with the popular “Integrated Gmail” addon too. You can try both Google Redesigned and Integrated Gmail together by clicking here, or using the dropdown arrow option next to the “Install” button above. If U like  >> Good Luck !