Can you join us this Monday, the first day of the historic international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen?  At this critical moment, join us in exposing Chevron, one of the world’s worst climate criminals, and telling them “our climate is not your business!”  With U.S. obstruction of the international climate change negotiations, we need to push back corporations like Chevron – which continues to lobby against real solutions to climate change while investing in ever-dirtier sources of crude oil.

The California Air Resources Board this past week made public the list of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the state. The single largest California emitter last year was the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, which emitted 4.8 million metric tons of greenhouse gases. Fourth was the Chevron refinery in El Segundo, near Los Angeles.

We especially need people who are willing to risk arrest to make the action effective and to send a clear message the world is waiting to hear; that people in the US support climate justice and real solutions.  If you’re considering nonviolent civil disobedience on December 7th, send an email to, attend the meeting from 4-7pm on December 6th (details below) and attend the non-violent direct action training on December 6th if you are new to civil disobedience or if you want to get more oriented.  Even if you can’t risk arrest, we need you to demonstrate your support for the action and for climate justice solutions.

December 7th Chevron Action details:

When: Monday, December 7th, 7am

Where: Chevron Corporate Headquarters (6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon)

For detailed directions (including carpool and shuttle information), see

DEMANDS: Twenty three allied organizations have signed onto an open letter to Chevron demanding that they take the following steps to stop obstructing the urgent action that must be taken to confront climate change:

  1. Support equitable, science-based targets and climate solutions in international climate change negotiations and domestically.
  2. Pledge not to support any fake “grassroots” campaigns against national climate change legislation
  3. Cap the crude and stop expanding into heavier sources of crude oil.

For more details on these demands, see

Organizing Meeting / Teach-in / Civil Disobedience Training:

Sunday, December 6th:

Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship

1924 Cedar St. (at Bonita), Berkeley

12-3pm: Non-violent direct action training

3-4pm: TEACH IN:

Premier screening of the new animated film, “The Story of

Cap & Trade: Why you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it” By Annie Leonard Free Range Studios, makers of the Story of Stuff.  Plus one of the films organizers present the film and answer questions.

Cathy Kunkel, Mobilization for Climate Justice West organizer and PhD Candidate, Energy & Resources Group,  UC Berkeley will explain Chevron role in climat destructions and blocking real solutions.

4-7pm: Dec 7th Action Orientation / Planning Spokescouncil meeting

Sponsored by Mobilization for Climate Justice West

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