Of different types of Yoga, Sahaja Yoga is one of the easiest approaches to the supreme universal power. This was firstly introduced to the world by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970.

Sri Mataji had tried to look for the truth since she was a child. Unlike any other children around her, she paid attention to serious matters. It was meditation that actually changed her spiritual life. It is meant that she attained self-realization in the end of her search of truth.

Born in India, she even took part in political activities for freedom from the British administration under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. She was a great woman of India but now, she is one of the greatest women of the world. The Reverend Mother is patronizing Sahaja yoga missions all around the world, distributing easy techniques of finding the truth in human bodies. She has proved that truth is not so far away from us that it cannot be easily reached. She teaches people around the globe how to practice Sahaja yoga effectively.

Such an easy technique of yoga was firstly imported to Myanmar by Ms. Celia in late 2008. An event of lecture on Sahaja yoga, held in Sedona Mandalay hotel became the starting point of the mission in Myanmar. In fact, it is not very easy to distribute such a new form of meditation in Myanmar where approximately seventy-five percentage of population believe in Theravada Buddhism and most of the local Buddhists are familiar with their own approaches to spiritual quality.

Anyhow, it is sure that the only one Sahaja yoga club was established in Myanmar. It is based in Mandalay, the former second capital. This small community is organized with around ten members led by Ms. Celia. Weekly activities of practicing yoga are taken place in Sedona Mandalay hotel and in a house of one of the members alternately. They spend two days a week- Thursday and Buddhist Sabbath day- for a group practice and discussion. On other days of the week, they usually take some time for individual practice in different locations such as their homes and offices.

So far members in and around Mandalay, try to come regularly to the target location for a group practice. Some local people are interested in Sahaja yoga and they are freely invited to find out how the members are approaching truth inside their own bodies. They are also introducing basic techniques of that particular form of yoga at one sitting. After such an introductory session, they are invited to be present regularly in order that they will come to understand their inner unknown power, namely, kundalini.

The main problem for the Sahaja yoga in Mandalay is slow progress in organizing new members. Some of the members are still questioning themselves why only very few people came for the first time and never came back again. Anyhow, it can be pointed out that they lack of holding more public awareness programs.

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