From the Archive: A Photo Timeline of Al-Qaeda Attacks

Photos: A Photo Timeline of Al-Qaeda Attacks | Plog — World, National Photos, Photography and Reportage — The Denver Post

Experts believe the first Al-Qaeda attack took place in 1992 in Yemen. American troops bound for Somalia were staying at two hotels in the port city of Aden. Bombs were detonated and killed two people but none were US Troops who had already moved on from the hotel. In 2000, came what most people know as the first attack – the bombing of the USS Cole in the harbor of the same port city of Aden, Yemen. The World Trade Center was the site of the first attack on American soil where Al-Qaeda detonated a truck bomb under the building.

Below is a partial photo timeline of most Al-Qaeda attacks around the world (excluding Iraq because there are just too many) beginning at the World Trade Center in 1993 and up to the 2010 intercepted mail bombs, packaged in printers, bound for Jewish Centers in Chicago and originating in Yemen.



139 pictures. Wow! Be Sure to click the above link for many more pictures. (Another 128 of them! ).


From the terror and destruction, you can see why Bin Laden, the head mass murderer, got what he deserves.






BTW, see picture # 8. The blind Egyptian “cleric” (priest) was part of his group. Should a priest teach mass murder, mayhem, and violence? In fact, Al Qaeda’s # 2 man, after Bin Laden, is Zawahiri. He is also a “cleric.”


Lesson: Not all monks or priests are true priests. Some are fakes, out to make an easy living and to lord over you, all the time arrogantly claiming that they are holier than thou.”






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