Understanding the Human Being’s Life

mandalarthuMay 4, 20115min392

Let’s observe the life of human beings that is regarded as a good life.

It is difficult to be born as a man; hard is the life of mortals.

Among the creatures,it may be said that humans are the most intelligent ones.But ,in  comparison with knowing all things and not knowing all things,we can obviously  see that “Not knowing all things is more than knowing all things.”Among the things that we don’t  know, the worst thing is “Not understanding of ourselves as we really are.”

In human being’s life, people don’t know that they were born with two great dangers since their birth.It can be said that everybody owns the two great blessings without saying any prayers.

What are these two dangers?

They are

(1)The danger of decaying, sickness and death

(2)The danger of being reborn in realms of woe (hell)

Since we were repeated in inception of the rebirth process(conception),the three dangers of decaying,sickness and death were accompanied with our bodies .We can’t liberate from all these sufferings.It is sure!

Another one is the danger of being reborn in the four miserable states of existences(the realms of woe),namely,

(a) purgatory (hell),

(b) the realms of animals,

(c) the hungry miserable departed beings called peta,and

(d)the abject loathsome beings called asura,destined for the evil.

This is  another danger that we can’t escape.

But ,as a human being, being a Buddhist is our Great Good Luck!

Those who follow the  Lord Buddha’s teachings have some certain ways to release from the

extent of unending cycle of rebirths and the danger  of being reborn in “the realms of woe.

In short ,as a Buddhist in the present life,  these certain ways are trying to become “From a blockhead;dolt person to a worldling person” and “From a worldling person to a person approaching a streamwinner in the respect of having attained the fourth level of purity,being rid of doubts about the past, present and future,”and “From that stage to a streamwinner who has realized the stream and is on the first of the eight stages leading to becoming a paragon of saintliness and ultimately nirvana.

In fact, “Streamwinner” is  not yet free from the trammels of recurring rebirths .But he will be reborn 7 times to finally become  a holy arahanta and enter nirvata at the end of this rebirth.

By doing so,we, human beings , can escape from the danger of “ the realm of woe” in time.

It is SURE!

If we don’t understand these things and if we don’t try to become a “Streamwinner’’in the present life,we will lose the GREAT CHANCE of being a human being as a Buddhist.

Grasp the great chance while we are alive!

Value our human being’s life….and

Let’s try it  now!





  • barnay

    May 6, 2011 at 5:51 am

    yes, i like your post , bez you express about going to the *Nirvana* . that right bez buddha deliver this sermon. we have to know reality it . thanks for sharing about it. i will listen more. my friend.
    Try the best and be get it.

  • mandalarthu

    May 6, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Thanks for yr reading and encouragement,Yes,i decided i will try my best to liberate from it.

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