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YouTube – Than Shwe’s secret home found. Pyinmana map via satellite.

November 24, 2006 — IMPORTANT: Please SHARE (inform) about this video to your friends and those who knows about Burma, especially to news reporters. If you own a web site, pleae publish this on your site!

One of the world’s most notorious dictators, Than Shwe of Burma (Myanmar) has fled away from its people and away from the seaport, due to the risk of American/UN invasion. Some call him sarcastically as “Sadams’ brother”.

They are keeping this new town very confidential. Use of cell phones are banned in Pyinmana (Naypyidaw). Civilians who photograph in this new town got arrested, and sent for 2 years in jail. Now that his own home can be found via satellite imaging on Google Earth satellite Naypyidaw map.

It is located exactly at East Longitude 19 degree 51 minute 31.43 seconds and North Lattitude 96 degree 19 minute 30.65 seconds, with a helicopter field infront of his home, and Ms.Hippo Than Shwe (his famous fat daughters) by the pool behind his home.

Filename: ThanShweGrave.mpg