Available Features of Android Mobile application

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Google simplifies development of applications for the Android phone. Android phones have a Linux-based and programmed in Java. Linux operating system is the most effective and easiest way to handle all operating systems.

The Java programming language for its superior features of GUI development provides a good platform for the Android Application development. Data SDK is an important advantage for the development for the Android platform. This course includes the current SDK, Google, the Android platform and features of the Java programming language. Bellow is given android features:

1. Monitor status (cpu, memory, battery)-Android Assistant provides real time CPU, Memory and Battery status which can help you monitor system performance in time.

2. System Info- Platform Info, Basic Hardware Info, Sensor Info.

3. Widget- Can easy to optimization memory

4. Process Manager- Process Manager displays all running processes with their real time CPU and memory use status. Unwanted running applications can be killed directly.

5. Cache Cleaner- Cache Cleaner clears all cache files and releases more space for your phone.

6. Startup Silent (Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)- Startup Silent turns off system sound on device startup and shutdown.

7. System Clean- Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History.

8. Save Battery Settings- Turning off Bluetooth, wi-fi, gps, auto-sync, orientation, haptic feedback, and setting screen brightness and timeout from Save Battery Settings will save more battery power.

9. File Manager- File Manager manages all files in SD Card. You can view, browse, rename, delete files in SDCard; you can also add new file and new folder to your SDCard through File Manager.

10. Startup Manager- Startup Manager prevents useless apps from system startup therefore improves the system running speed and save more battery power.

11. Batch Uninstall- Batch Uninstall makes uninstalling third party applications easy and simple.

12. Battery use- Battery Use monitors running processes’ battery use status. Processes with huge energy consumption can easily be sorted out and terminated.

13. Volume Control- Volume Control provides quick access to manage ringer volume, notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, voice call volume and system volume.

14. Ringer- Ringer provides shortcut to change your phone’s ringer mode: silent, vibration, sound etc.

The gearshift is much easier to use on Android devices with larger screens. You can still access them with smaller devices but it’s a bit more difficult. Overall, this is a high quality, unique and challenging puzzle game for the Android platform.

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