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Ecommerce solutions based on today’s best skills and talents to safeguard that we are providing our clients best of the package on the best of the platforms at affordable price. We are continuously assessing solutions in the eCommerce marketplace that best help our clients attain the type of results they expect.

As one of the earliest adopters of Magento development, we have gathered a wealth of experience developing on the Magento platform.

Magento comes by default with a number of product types for different situations. These product types are Simple, Virtual, Downloadable, Grouped, Configurable or Bundle. Each product type shines in particular scenarios – bundles are great for building custom products, grouping items together as a discount while still managing stock levels.

Grouped Products are great for quick data entry in B2B or when multiple quantities of different products need to chosen quickly. Configurable products are great when user has to select multiple options to choose a single product.

Through Magneto’s great extension ecosystem, it is now imaginable to mix and match Configurable (the ability to choose multiple options for a single product) with Grouped products (the ability to choose multiple quantities of similar products) in a single products detail view page.

Magento comes in the following editions:

  1. Community Edition

  2. Enterprise Edition

Each of these editions have varying levels of functionality; with the Community edition being more than satisfactory and adequate for a basic store front, and the Enterprise edition contains all the security and commerce functions that a serious business needs. Community edition is free, and Enterprise edition has an annual subscription rate, with higher price solution.

While many will be attracted to Magento because of the free community edition, most businesses that see eCommerce and the Internet as a fundamental sales channel will see the platform of choice is the Enterprise edition.

One of the greatest benefits of Magento, which appears to be the least well-revealed element, is how dynamically the user interface and skin or theme can be change. For those implementing their first eCommerce site or releasing their first Magento eCommerce site, we highly encourage users to view the Extensions list on, particularly the design and theme section. There are more than 1800 pre-built themes to use as a UI starting point, more than half of which can be download free.

This allows a customer to find a UI design that matches their requirements and within hours have a working, customized interface applied so you can focus on the core of your implementation – products, pricing, and order capture.

Most clienteles wish to change their UI experience within 12 months irrespective of whether they use a pre-built theme or a custom built one, thus, leveraging a low cost and tailored starting template makes the most sense from an ROI perspective.

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