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Celebration of Chinese lunar new year kicks off in Yangon

YANGON, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) — Myanmar-Chinese residing in Myanmar ‘s biggest city of Yangon began celebrating the traditional lunar new year with an annual grand festive march of lion and dragon dancing groups round the Chinatown Saturday afternoon, the eve of the spring festival.

With large drums beating, a total of 12 amateur lion and some long-dragon dancing groups as well as groups portraying the characters of eight immortals (which cross sea) and Tang Seng vulnerable monk and his three followers in the story “Journey to the West” participated in the round-the-Chinatown march in the procession, drawing waves of onlookers.

The marchers paid homage to the Guangdong Guanyin (God of Mercy) Temple and Fujian Qingfu Gong Temple when they passed by.

The two temples represent the largest Chinese ones in the Chinatown.

The procession started from the Sint Oh Dan Street ( historically known as Lo Buck Hong Street) located in the center of the Chinatown.

Lying on the street are a number of Chinese association buildings decorated in festive manner.

Approaching the evening, all family members tried to come back home from wherever they are for the new year family get-together.

Families of Chinese residents were seen preparing their meal in the nicest form and had their dinner deliciously after paying worship to their ancestors, the signboards of whom are generally erected at the wall of their apartments for almost all families.

Children started to try wearing their new clothings to prepare for new year call on relatives and close friends, led by parents, on the 1st of the new year day.

Some family members are also prepared to spend the night of the new year eve by staying up late or all night at home or at temples to observe the moment of changing to a new calendar year.

– Myanmar Times

CAPITAL Hypermart’s Chinese New Year lion dance contest came to a close on February 10 with Hong Bao Shi team winning the top prize.

“As usual it was difficult to choose a winner and first runner up,” said Ko Myo Han, one of the competition judges.

Moving about in a heavy costume atop a climbing structure requires a great deal of skill and training.

“I built my team based on last year’s when we won the first prizes in the Capital Hypermart and Chinatown contest. This year, we arranged things differently to last year’s contest by changing the dancing styles and bringing the frames closer,” said Ko Myo Naing, leader of Hong Bao Shi group.

Pearl-black group won second and Global Lion third place in the competition.

– Myanmar Times

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