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February 28, 2010 — Photography by Sandra Miller Chengdu China Lantern Festival February 12, 2010

Spectacular! Many tx for sharing this!

Simply amazing!

YouTube – River Hongbao 2010 – Display of Dazzling Lanterns from Chengdu, China

I love the Chinese New Year music which full of joy and happiness.

YouTube – Lantern Festival 2010 – Qianmen

YouTube – China Lantern Festival 2010

YouTube – Chengdu 成都


YouTube – China’s illuminating lantern festival

The eastern Chinese city of Nanjing jointly hosted its annual lantern festival with Taiwan for the first time as it celebrates the coming of the Lunar New Year.

YouTube – China Celebrates Lunar New Year with Lanterns

Taiwan lanterns made their debut in China on Thursday as the two countries prepare to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The eastern city of Nanjing joined forces with the Taiwanese city of Chiayi for the traditional Chinese lantern festival.

The lantern festival is being held along the scenic Qinhuai River.

This year the main designs are of the dragon and phoenix.

Though Thursday’s ceremony was only open to officials and guests, some members of the public popped in for a first look at the lanterns.

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