ToneToneJune 26, 20109min850
Discussion goes on. Friend: This one is from Indonesia. A tragedy at a concert. Al Jazeera English – Asia-Pacific – Several dead in Indonesia stampede At least 10 people have been killed after a stampede at a rock concert in Indonesia. The tragedy struck as hundreds of people were leaving the performance by underground […]

ToneToneJune 26, 201016min640
DISCUSSION CONTINUES. Friend: Take at look at CNN and others: Friend: What can we learn from them? Would you say you learn nothing at all? More than 60 killed in India temple stampede – New Delhi, India (CNN) — As many as 63 people — most of them children — were killed Thursday […]

ToneToneJune 26, 201014min830
Friends continue the discussion. Friend: Here’s one from MSNBC about another tragedy: India stampede death toll passes 200 – South and Central Asia- Death toll in India temple stampede passes 200 Dozens more injured as 12,000 celebrated key Hindu festival in Jodhpur JODHPUR, India — A Hindu temple official blamed an unruly group of […]

ToneToneJune 25, 201017min1251
Tone Tone’s friends continue their discussion. Friend: Most of us have come from the old country. The laws are more or less arbitrary. Mostly, the laws come out of the rulers’ or officers’ mouths. They can stretch them for their own benefit. Friend: Though most people are law abiding and observe the five precepts, some […]

ToneToneJune 21, 201018min1110
Friends continue with their discussions. Friend: I remember these friends in the picture. Friend: What do you want to say to your friends? Friend: “Please be careful. You may be unwittingly helping the Military Junta.” Friend: Are you serious? How? Friend: Yes, in an indirect way. Remember, in his birthday flyer, U Ayethaka bragged about […]

ToneToneJune 19, 20107min850
Friends’ discussion continues: Examine Claim Friend: U Ayethaka claims that Azusa Temple land is the most noble or hallowed land in North America.  How come he can claim a “holier than thou” status over other Temples? Is it valid? Does it sound logical or weird? Friend: Yes, let’s examine his “nobility” claim. Buddha taught us to analyze […]

ToneToneJune 19, 20106min890
Tone Tone’s friends’ discussion: “Most” Hallowed Friend: I like to discuss U Ayethaka’s bold claim. The monk claims not only Azusa Temple is hallowed, but also is the  “MOST” HALLOWED or SACRED ground in North America! Notice the word “sohn.”  See “R myat sohn” in second line below: (click on the picture below. Then on menu, hit […]

ToneToneJune 17, 20107min980
Friends continue the discussion. Skipped Friend: BTW, I heard the monk skipped the public hearing. Heard he went sightseeing to New York. Friend: You heard right! So irresponsible for a lead monk. Other multi faith monks and leaders were attending, he won’t! Very stubborn and won’t listen to entreaties, also. No “R nar” or “Htauk […]

ToneToneJune 17, 20109min1040
The discussion continues. Wise afterward Friend: Well, from hindsight, you are always wiser after the event. Lesson: For survival, you may have to consider other important factors ahead. There may be unforeseen contingencies. Culture and Pride That is why we cannot be too infatuated with culture. We cannot base our decision on culture alone. That will […]

ToneToneJune 17, 20105min570
Friends continue the discussion. Unique Friend: Yes, I heard the model was so beautiful. It’s a smaller version of Singapore Burmese Temple, a unique Burmese cultural piece by a talented architect. Friend: That’s also part of the reason. You have to look at it, from the neighbors’ angle. Not from your own angle. The neighbors didn’t […]

ToneToneJune 14, 201011min880
Friends’ discuss message to Nibban Stall keepers, helpers, and Attendees. Expansion Friend: My question: Are you in favor of supporting more and more unnecessary expansion? Think carefully. Temple attendance level permitted: 130  (for two properties) Dhamma Hall occupancy allowed: Say 200. Friend: That means Hall accommodation is already more than the permitted 130. Friend: Not […]

ToneToneJune 14, 20107min1010
The discussions continue. Friends were sending a message to Nibban Zay Stall keepers, helpers and attendees. Alleged up to $ 15,000 funds diversion Friend: There were alleged diversions of up to $ 15,000 for Nawa Kama personal moneys and extravagant first class round trip airfares. These funds were allegedly diverted from an earlier Nibban Zay’s […]