Explore the jade kingdom on Myanmar National Pavilion Day

Explore the jade kingdom on Myanmar National Pavilion Day CCTV News – CNTV



Over at the Shanghai World Expo, Myanmar celebrated its National Pavilion Day on Tuesday. Visitors were treated to some traditional performances as well as a rare opportunity to take a closer look at the so-called “jade kingdom.” (historical term).

Kids from Myanmar, dressed in festive outfits to mark International Children’s Day, ushered in the opening ceremony. Traditional songs and dances introduced the country and its people’s character, which is, honest, courageous, and virtuous.

With the theme of “Better Urbanization with Harmonized Eco-System”, Myanmar Pavilion is situated in the Joint Asian Area. The building is influenced by Southeast Asian design elements and features bright colored temples and traditional courtyard houses. Multi-media devices demonstrate Myanmar’s customs, education, culture, and resources.

Lush forests, fog shrouded mountains, and flowing streams comprise the natural landscape of the country, and nurture its unique treasures: wood carving and jade.

There is a luxuriant display of handcarved wood sculpture. As the home of teak wood, sandal wood, and rosewood, Myanmar is renowned for its refined carved pieces. Wooden elephant, bear, and fashion accessories are common favorites.

Myanmar is also the cradle of jade carving. In the Ming Dynasty, the precious stone was introduced into China. In the Qing Dynasty, it became a favorite of the royal family as well as ordinary people.

Visitors to the Myanmar Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo are offered a rare chance to admire top-rated Burmese jade. According to the guide, each piece of jade is unique and can bring luck and peace to the owner.

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